Sukanya is an IP litigator based in London. Sukanya advises clients on UK litigation proceedings for cases involving a range of intellectual property rights such as trade marks, copyright, design rights, and passing off. She has experience working on complex, multi-jurisdictional matters.

Sukanya's recent work also includes working with brands to understand their IP ownership and enforce their rights. She helps brands protect against counterfeits sold on online retail platforms such as social media and Shopify, as well as disputes involving third-party copycats.

She also advises clients on the impact, risks, and opportunities from technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

Prior to joining Brandsmiths, Sukanya worked as a commercial litigator at a leading City firm, working primarily in the ad-tech and technology sectors. She studied Law at the University of Oxford and then completed the Kings College London Diploma on Copyright in the UK, EU and US.